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TEXT "LOVE" To 85122 For A Psychic Reading18+ Entertainment purposes only 85122 cost £1.50/msg rcvd , 57252 cost 2 euro/msgrcvd. Reply’s usually 2 msgs long, to end reply stop ,promo msgs may be sent c/s 08448014050 You must be over 18 and have the bill payers permission. to end send stop to 85122. Service Provider Sundial 0844 801 4050 Helpline 0845 050 4380. 18+ Call 0906 636 4460 If You Are In The UK For A Reading £1.53 Min 18+ . Call 1866-488-3351 For Free If You Are In America To Order A Reading. Cost 20 mins $42.99 30 mins $61.49 45 mins $87.49 Extra Minutes $2.00. Welcome To Peter Doswell's Psychic Services, Receive A Reading Now, By Clicking One Of The Psychics Listed. - Live Online Psychic Chat - Text A Psychic - Phone A Psychic - Please Try One Of Our Psychic Readers, You Will Not Be Dissapointed, You Will Receive A Reading That Will Make Your Day! - Online Psychic Chat - Text A Psychic - Phone A Psychic
Live Psychic Readings!

Online Psychics

The first method is the online psychic chat team. Just pick a live psychic who is available from the right hand side of the site. An online psychic reading by live chat is paid for with psychic message credits. Each message you receive from our team costs 20 psychic message credits. This method provides you with a psychic reading through a platform such as instant messenger and is live at all times. There is no delay after payment. Payment for these psychic messages is through paypal and you are in control of your spending budget.


Text A Psychic

We also offer psychic readings by the form of a text a psychic service. Text a psychic service is convenient fast and useful if you are a busy person who is on the go. You may also not have access to a computer at all times of the day. At this time our text a psychic service is by the far the most popular and busy service we currently run. Find the answers you seek with our text a psychic service!


Phone A Psychic

For the personal touch we offer telephone psychic reading. This is the most personal and you actually get to speak to the psychic team.. The number to call for this type of psychic reading is displayed above and you have the option to pay on your phone bill when it arrives. During a  reading by telephone the psychic can actually tune into your voice and pick up a lot of details in addition to what they would pick up in an online psychic reading or text a psychic reading.



Phone Psychic Reading USA

Psychic ReadingYou have reached the ultimate website if you seek a psychic reading. Whether you have difficulties in love, career home or life in general our psychic team can help you to find the way again. We offer  a online psychic reading, phone psychic reading and text a psychic services. Our friendly team all operate from their own homes and are available when it suits you.There are questions that can be answered by a reading in the life of everyone. Most of the time these questions burn away until you reach a point where things are really starting to bother you and you need the answers. Having a psychic reading with one of our team can help you to understand what is really going on when you reach that point in life. You will not be disappointed if you order a reading today, so please choose from one of our psychic readers.

Peter would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the site as a customer, a spiritual being and above all else a friend. Psychic readings are an ideal way to find answers that seem too far from your reach. I dearly hope you find the answers you are looking for.

To use the online psychic reading chat service please click on one of the psychic reading team above . You will be connected to a psychic reading member instantly . You will be asked to add psychic reading credits to your account when you register . The live online psychic reading service is not premium rate and you pay as you go for your psychic reading through pay pal .


*Phone Readings UK - Calls to 0906 636 4460 cost £1.53 per minute at all times. All calls recorded. Helpline 0845 050 4380. You must be over 18 and have the bill payers permission.

*Text A Psychic UK - Texts to 85122 cost £1.50 per message received. Answers may span two messages. Over 18's only. To end service text 'STOP' to 85122. Helpline 0844 801 4050. IRELAND - Texts to 57252 cost €2 Per message received. Answers may span two messages. Over 18’s Only. To end service text 'STOP' to 57252.Helpline 0818 242 280.
Helpline 0844 801 4050. IRELAND - Texts to 57252 cost €2 Per message received. Answers may span two messages. Over 18’s Only. To end service text 'STOP' to 57252. Helpline 0818 242 280. We May Send You Free Marketing Messages. Please send NOINFO to 85122 to opt out of marketing messages. All services are for entertainment purposes only.